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IMO, these sd work 'like a VCR' as far as copy and playback. There are models w/ harddrives, VHS players, etc. built in, but to me that's overboard.

Bells and Whistles

The VHS opportunity is not bad, but you most possible by now have one you can plug into the inputs of the DVD recorder.

I have a DVD recorder for archiving TiVo shows as conflicting to accessing my TiVo from my PC. This is nice as it means I can also archive VHS tapes, camcorder tapes, etc. w/no extra work.

I do have a TV card in my PC so I can do this, but using the DVD recorder is easier.

My motto is: buy what you WILL use and not what you CAN use.

I've bought lots of equipment that CAN do a lot, but in authenticity I don't use all the extra features. Not in all cases, but in this case, I say pass on the bells and whistles.

Again, there are models w/ all types of features, but if you buy one that is a DVR, DVD recorder, VCR, TV tuner all in one and one part breaks, it's all broke.

Realize A little About Technology

Remember - this is new know-how and will only get advance and cheaper. If you buy the top of the line today, it's going to be out of date and/or cheap tomorrow. Test the waters w/ a 'good' model and upgrade when the time is right.

Editing Your Recordings

Chances are - you won't. It's a pain for the most part and by and large requires DVD-RAM or DVD-RW discs to do it and they're more expensive. If you have a lot of free time for this, you're a rare person.

I was looking for this type of elucidation in being paid ready for having a baby and I knew I wasn't going to be sifting all the way through and cutting hours of video.

If you're especially fascinated in editing, look in to PC options. Pinnacle, ArcSoft, Adobe, etc. - they have good solutions for that.


DVD+R and DVD-R are like VHS and Beta: they're both ok right now, but finally we'll in all probability land on one or the other. It seems to be leaning towards DVD-R which tend to be less dear also.

Many recorders and players do both, but cost more. I say save some money, pick one (probably DVD-R) and move on. If you pick the wrong one, probability are in a connect years you'll be import a new one anyway. Moreover, you'll almost certainly be able to get a cheap one w/ a built in converter or two trays to duplicate one to the other.

DVD-RAM and DVD-RW are the rewritable types. They're more dear and for my purposes aren't worth disquieting about.

My Recommendation

I got the Panasonic DMR-E55K:

It minutes to DVD-R like a VCR. I don't use it to best live TV so I don't use VCR+, but it has it. Also, it has TimeSlip which lets you watch amazing while it's cassette (start copy "24" at 8pm and start scrutiny it from the begining at 8:20 to speed thru commercials like a TiVo). Again, I don't use this, but it has it.

Plain and simple, it proceedings my TiVo, camcorder, digital camera (RCA cable output), VCR, etc. to DVD - that's what I want it to do and that's what it does. It's easy, creates a good menu w/ thumbnails and my select titles, it's a name brand w/ good reviews and was equitably cheap (there was a reimbursement at the time).

Also, it plays CDs and mp3 CDs w/ a good border so not only does it put back a CD player, but since you can put so many songs on one CD, it replaces a CD changer.

An attention-grabbing trick: If you have a digital camera w/ RCA cable output, you can hook it candidly into the dvd recorder and construct a quick slide-show dvd. Many cameras even have a slide show act built in! You can use the sound from a music channel, CD, etc.


If you're going gung-ho into all the nitty courageous about DVD recorders, you're also just opening here or haven't concerned to read this far. If you're looking for a good, moderately cheap answer to digitize your tapes, archive TiVo, etc. , I counsel the Panasonic DMR-E55K.

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