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Nvidia has done it again, with it's newest video card, the geforce 7800 GTX. If money is no balk and you challenge the best, this is the video card for you.

The 7800 GTX, which promises 600 MHz, 256 MB of 256-bit DDR3 recall and a graphics core clock speed of 430 MHz, is the definite best video card, to date, that money can buy.

Despite the high clock speeds, the 7800 utilizes a single-slot cooling solution. This is made achievable as of the central processing unit size which is 20 NM lesser then their earlier 8600's. Also contributing to the cooling of the card is the superior power managment system, which inevitably turns off unused portions of the chip.

The 7800GTX is equipped with 24 pixel shader units and 8 highest point shader units. With over 200 GFLOP's of shading avaliable, Nvidia raises the bar, once again, on video card's graphics and performance.

This is all in just one videocard, pair them up in SLI mode and you have the best video cards in terms of speed, stability and appearance. One thing to watch however, when consecutively dual cards in SLI mode, is that if not you have a top of the line processor, such as the FX-55 you may find your video cards coming up on your central processing unit to catch up. In this case you may want to hold off on being paid both cards untill you upgrade your processor.

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