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When you work in an office, it's critical to lock your workstation every time you step away from your computer. A pain, but a guarantee measure. You wouldn't want a big name conveyance a nasty-gram in your email address, would you? Here's a earlier way to lock a workstation exclusive of going by means of the CTRL+ALT+DEL route.

On the desktop (Window+M), right-click an empty area and choose New > Shortcut.

Copy and paste the subsequent into the place box:

rundll32. exe user32. dll,LockWorkStation

Name the shortcut "Lock workstation" or at all you choose and click Finish. Click on it and the PC stands guard until you arrival and enter the adjust password.

FYI: rundll32. exe is previously in the path.

A booklover wrote in, "Firstly, I'm not completely sure how creating an icon is any easier than the ALT+CTRL+DEL option. Critical those keys then bass beat space I would say is more often then not going to be more rapidly than discovery your desktop and clicking on an icon. However, if you are looking for a earlier way to lock your computer. Perchance you be supposed to try Windows + L. "

I responded axiom the ALT+CTRL+DEL choice requires selecting Lock Workstation. Since we have to lock our workstation so often, I find clicking an icon faster. However, the Windows+L will work for piano fans. However, I tartan Windows+L and it didn't work on my work computer.

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