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Ever awe where all the cool gadgets come from? Ever astonishment who gets to try this stuff out first? By and large the war android scientists get it first, try it out and find an claim by using it for destruction; an noticeable department store for the human species and our appeal to blow clothes up. It then moves into the classified sector for critical projects like, Microwave Ovens, Nuclear Energy, aviation space travel, telecommunications, Internet (which of choice Al gore produced first?), even Hummers, the basic SUV was produced to cruise troops about in, Helicopters, hydrofoils, you name it man it came from forces first.

But now we are bearing in mind equipment move so fast that the broad inhabitants will be being paid the new technologies in some way or a different in a few years from discovery and proving of concept. Many equipment are now being bent in clandestine sector and the armed is conclusion great applications for them such as the palm laptop know-how for Navy Seal Teams, cell phone telemetry tracking. What about the concealed sector caring their civil rights to these advances? Patents? Who cares, by the time you get the thing filed each one has it, four of your past employees brought it to your competitors, your key vendors sold it or combined with a new circle to make it. By this time it is previously on the shelves for you and I. The ballet company with the marketing channels and best ever rollout gets the cake, but does not have time to eat it. Consider in the new age the fast eat the slow. The game never stops and citizens and companies enter and exit the field of their abundance at will. With the Internet as a circulation concentrate a new wiget can be to bazaar in months and delivered in 8-12 hours by Fed Ex if the ballet company has their manufacturing at or near a regional hub. The World is altering and we maybe being paid many of these new technologies a lot closer than before. Think about it.

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